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Roger Ellison
Independent veterinarian and farmer
Ellison Enterprises, Hamilton
Andrew Weir Veterinary practitioner and BVD researcher
Eltham Vet Services
Jenny Weston Veterinary Farm Service tutor
IVABs, Massey University
Cord Heuer Epidemiologist and BVD researcher
IVABs, Massey University
Stuart Bruere  Veterinary practitioner& coordinator
Chapel St Vet Centre, Masterton
Fraser Hill Veterinary pathologist
Gribbles, Palmerston North
Wayne Clough Pharmaceutical industry veterinarian
Pfizer Auckland
Theresa Hoyle Veterinary practitioner
CoastVet, Wairoa
Hinrich Voges Laboratory veterinarian
LIC Hamilton
Peter Anderson Veterinary consultant
Palmerston North
Peter Blaikie Veterinary consultant
Isobel Gibson Veterinary Pathologist
NZVP Hamilton
John Pickering Veterinary practitioner and director of large heifer rearing programme.
Wanganui Veterinary Services
Andrew Bates Veterinary practitioner
Vetlife, Temuka
Joanne Holter Veterinary Technical Advisor
MSD Animal Health, Wellington